How It Works

Simplify your life. Get your ACEX card now, fund it with your crypto, USD and/or local currency. Then go on swiping anywhere visa card is accepted.

Get Your Card

Apply for your card now and fill out your application in under 3 minutes.

Verify Your Account

Complete your KYC requirements in two minutes. Get approved within 24hours.

Login to your Dashboard

Login to your card portal, update your settings and change your password. Navigate the platform to familiarize yourself with it.

Deposit and Withdraw

Deposit your crypto, USD, and/or local currency directly to your ACEX card. Then spend/withdraw your funds with ease.

Choose your card

Card Activation Classic Card
Gold Card
Platinum Card
Black Card
A/C fee
$75 $150 $200 $500
Sales and Affilate Referral Commision Payment Struction
Level 1 20$
Level 2 10$
Level 3 5$
Level 4 5$

About Us

Who we are

T.E Payment Gateway (TEPG) is a digital payment solutions platform registered under T.E Markets Limited, a Holding Company in Seychelles with presence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, and soon in Ghana and Nigeria.Riding on introduction and utilization of the TEMCOIN cryptocurrency to the market and the TE Markets group’s ecosystem, TEPG seeks to bring to life the African Consolidated Exchange, ACEX, through Inter-African trade and remittances from Africans in the diaspora empowering the African continent. With the growth of commercial activities in Africa, TEPG provides an avenue for its users and merchants to benefit from the evolving and booming trade activities in Africa.